One of the leading companies in the field of producing and maintaining the machinery of ice factories, and refrigeration systems....

Al Arabia Manufacturing Company produces spare parts for ice factories machienery, refrigeration systems, irrigation and sewer pumps, and for the pumps used in oil wells.

Our Services

The Arabian Company -AMBECO- Provides Variaty of Services as illustrated below

Cooling & Freezing Services

  • Build Ice Factories & manufacture cooling & freezing refrigerators of al sizes.
  • Monitor production line machienary & maintain them to asure production quality.
  • Produce necessery spare parts in our workshops.

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Irrigation & sanitation services

  • Produce all types of spare parts related to the pumping system of irrigation & sanitation stations.
  • Monitor and maintain systems' machienary as they ar running.

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Petroleum devision services

  • Produce sapre parts for the pumps used in oil wells according to ISO standards.

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Latest News

The Arabian Company aims to international business. We'll keep you posted of our new challenges and achievements.

November 18, 2013

The Arabian Company Awarded ISO 9001:2008

The Arabian Comany -AMBECO- Management System has been assessed and refgistered by Vericert Blg. and others as conforming to the requiriments of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

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