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Ice is not only used for food preservation, it is also used as quick cooling media in various industries.

Ice Production industry is a growing industry in nowadays and also known as ice factory or ice plant. Ice plays key role in preservation of highly perishable foods items like meat and fish, etc. For preservation of export quality fish and also domestic transportation and marketing of fish and meat needs a huge quantity of ice.

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Design and Planning

Planning and Designing ice factories depend on selection of the production capacity. The Production capacity can be decided depending on many factors such as the availability of capital and space. And to achieve the selected production capacity, the correct elements should be considered while building the ice factory.

For instance, a ten ton production capacity ice factory requires 1200 square feet building equipped with motors of 40HP, 7.5HP, and 2HP. In addition a monoblack pump of 2HP.

Spare Parts

At Al Arabia Company, we also produce the necessary spare parts to keep ice factories running smoothly and efficiently. Some of the spare parts being produced in our workshops include:

Piston Pins

Piston pins , gudgeon pins , wrist pins are made out of special quality graded alloy steels and duly hardened to withstand wear and tear. Outer surface of the pins are properly ground and highly polished for smooth performance.



Cylinder Liners and Blocks are made from centrifugally casted, shell casted with close grained cast iron. Cylinder liners are duly heat treated. Cylinder bores are cross honed and diameters are properly ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy.



Pressure die casted, gravity die casted, shell moulded pistons are made out of aluminium alloys, graded closed grained cast iron. Piston rings are individually centrifugally casted out of high grade cast iron materials.



Crankshafts are made out of Carbon Steel, Cast Steel, S. G. Iron materials through Die Forgings, Open Forgings, Shell Castings procedures. Crankshafts are case hardened, statically and dynamically balanced, fine ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy.


Connecting Rods

Connecting rods are made from aluminium alloys, carbon steel, bronze, S. G. Irons by process of die forgings, die castings, gravity die castings, shell mouldings and are duly heat treated. Connecting rods with integral bearings are available in undersizes.


Valve Assemblies

Valve assemblies are manufactured in different designs viz.: reed type, ring type, concentric type, channel type, dampened disc type, etc. Valve assemblies are made out of stainless steel, carbon steel, S. G. Iron etc. Valve plates are made out of flapper.


Mechanical Shaft Seals

A wide range of various designed mechanical shaft seals are manufactured viz: single seals, double seals, cartridge seals, bellow seals, multiple spring seals, single coil spring seals etc. Seal faces have microlapping finish to ensure zero leakage.


Oil Pumps & Gears

A wide range of oil pumps are manufactured for different types of compressors having precision cut gears as per OEMs specifications. Part components of oil pumps are also available as per requirements.


Bearings & Bushing

The range of bearings and bushes are manufactured comprising of main bearings, big end bearings, intermediate bearings, half sections of bearings, thrust washers, small end bushes, oil pump bushes, cam bushes.


Filters & Strainers

A wide range of variously designed strainers, oil filters and filter bags are manufactured for suction line, oil line, hydraulic line, etc. Strainers are made from G. I. wire netting and sheets, having stainless steel filtration media according to design



Gaskets are of different natures, made out of asbestos, non-asbestos, PTFE, rubber, copper, aluminum, halide and paper, etc., according to OEMs specifications. The materials are selected according to their specific applications.


Valve Plates

Valve Plates of different designs are manufactured as per OEMs specifications, made out of carbon steel, S.G. Iron Castings, Graded closed grained cast iron etc., and properly ground to fine finish for immediate matching with the related components.


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